Coffee Monday

It is the 31st of October, the scariest day of all. It is also Monday, the scariest day of every week…..

It is still dark when you get out of bed. You shuffle into living room, where a small night light gives off an eerie glow. You drag yourself into the kitchen, your brain yearning for that life-giving substance: caffeine. You open the cupboard door, its hinges creaking. But when you look into the tin that usually contains the almost black coffee powder, it is empty!  Panicking, you tear the lids off the other containers in the cupboard, but while they yield all kinds of edible substances, none of them is coffee…. 

Happy Halloween!


What better way to start off 2016 #RealTimeChem week than with a fresh cup of coffee, full of that delicious compound that makes my brain accept that it’s Monday and I can’t stay in bed another few hours today.

Listen to Chemistry World‘s podcast on caffeine, in which UCL chemist Katherine Holt talks about her experience of coffee addiction and withdrawal.

I’ll wear my caffeine necklace made by the amazing Raven from Made with Molecules.



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