Chemistry doodle of the week

So it’s 2014 now. Almost a year since I joined the Realtimechem community on Twitter and I have to say it not only lived up to my expectations, I went beyond it!

To all the people that tell me Twitter is just another platform for people to show off their dinner I say two things: Firstly, yes, I’m guilty myself and have shown off my dinner. But only occasionally. Secondly, when used in the right way it’s a brilliant way to meet people who share your interests, your passion – for science that is! I don’t think I would have discovered so many brilliant blogs, read exciting research papers and looked at photos and videos of just amazing looking experiments (plus the occasional cat video) without those 140-character-posts rolling over my screen.

Now, the actual thing I wanted to write about, that blogging thing. My new year’s resolution, as much as I hate those. But maybe it’s at least a bit more innovative than the usual diet and gym membership and hopefully more long-lived.

Inspired by the #animaldoodleaday I think chemisty deserves  some doodling, too. As I don’t trust myself to do something I haven’t done before on a daily basis, I decided a weekly would be a good way to start. Time to get out those crayons and start your #chemdoodle!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. I like your doodle! It’s so funny! Can I adopt it? 😉

  2. urvashipatel says:

    It’s so cool I mean you’re doodle

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